I am what I have “always” done. I would have gone into computer science, and it seems like I have always done computing, but I got to graduate school before that field of study was invented. So, I’m a mathematician. By “have always done computing” I don’t mean that I “used computers to do stuff.” I mean that computer systems and networks are the object of my interest.

I have always been a runner. I started when I started high school and ran cross country and track through college. I forgot to quit after college like most people do. Now I have almost 60 years experience and an extra 60 or 70,000 miles on my feet, and it’s too late to quit. I know that because I have tried—my wife and daughters won’t let me. So, I still run half marathons although “run” is now a pretty generous term for what I do.

I have always been a singer. I started singing in choruses in high school, sometimes two or three at a time. I started as a 2nd bass and have been working my way up ever since. I’m now a 1st tenor on my way to 2nd alto.

I’m not a chatty person—my great aunts thought there might be something wrong with me (“is he slow” they asked my parents) because I couldn’t manage to get a word in edge-wise in their stream of conversation. I’m hoping to be able, through this blog, to get a word in once in a while to better connect with family and friends—and maybe make a few new ones.


Your thoughts?

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