Peaches-1There is a new kid on our block. Peaches is an apricot toy poodle. He’s about 6 years old and he has a heart condition. He moved in with us on Sunday and has begun to make himself at home. We didn’t realize how dull our lives had become.

Peaches was a bit of a surprise in several ways. We have had a couple of standard schnauzers, and it is about 2 1/2 years since Gigi passed on–the result of a brain tumor. We had gotten used to that size dog and didn’t really want a smaller one. Additionally, we thought we were going to inherit  a great dane named Annie, so Peaches was a real surprise. The great dane is still a possibility at some time in the future. Wouldn’t that be a thing to watch–the great dane and the toy poodle.

How did this come about, you might ask. Go on. Ask. You might as well because I’m going to tell you anyway. It happened because my Muse plays the harp. La Muse is a professional musician (piano, organ, and harp) who spends much of her time playing for hospice patients. And, much of the rest of it playing memorial services. She prefers playing for patients who are “actively dying”–you knew that was a process, right? Spending time with these patients in their last hours or minutes, she can often help the patient with pain or with “terminal agitation” through judicious application of therapeutic music. I’m not sure how this works. My explanation by analogy with the test for “is it a duck”, is that she looks like an angel, sounds like an angel, and acts like an angel, so she must be one.

Peaches belonged to one of her patients. When the patient passed, Peaches went to live with the patient’s son. But the son already had three other dogs (two of them big), and uncountable numbers of little grandchildren running around the place. It wasn’t an ideal situation for a new little dog, so Peaches whipped out his laptop (everybody has one these days, don’t they) and sent us an email asking if he could come stay with us. And, here he is.

The situation with Annie is much the same, but the story is not yet over. Her owner was on hospice, but wasn’t ready to give up Annie, so she is still there as his companion. Someday we may get an email from her, too.


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