Goals and Training

Setting goals and training for a race is pretty much a metaphor for the rest of life. Sometimes your plans work out exactly as expected–it’s exhilarating when that happens. You can pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself on your amazing predictive ability. Sometimes your performance turns out even better than your plans, and sometimes it is worse. Today was one of Those Days.

I’m still extending for my race next month, and today’s plan was for 18k (11.25 miles, for those of you still mired in obsolete English units). I planned a route that includes quite a few hills knowing that would slow me down–not the flat route where I usually do distance. I live in mountains, so the flat route by the river is at about 1400 m, and by flat I mean less than 20 m / km–none of the wimpy sea-level stuff here.

I didn’t meet my goals today for either time or distance. The route I planned was shorter than it should have been and by the time I got to the finish, I was too tired to extend it by the needed amount. Well, That’s the way training goes sometimes, and so does life. I didn’t do 18k, but I did do 17.4k. I did extend from last week, and I’m happy that my last kilometer was faster than my first one. I always try to put some sort of finish on my run by picking up the pace for the last few hundred meters, and I managed that. Didn’t meet my goals, but I’m still happy with the run.

This happens in life, too. Sometimes you fall short, but you can almost always find something in your performance that makes you happy; that enables you to move on to the next event ready to conquer it. If you are doing the “marathon shuffle,” then shuffle on friends.


Your thoughts?

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