Family Running/Walking

Our youngest son arrived on Friday for a short visit. Saturday he and his mother did the Cupid’s Chase 5k, an informal race. He is an Iron Man veteran who hasn’t run much lately because of the constraints of his job and also because he lives in the east coast snow belt. But, he ran and his mother walked. I needed more distance, so I went off to do 16k while they were doing that.

Yesterday, our oldest daughter and her family showed up—pretty full house what with son, daughter and her partner, 3 grandchildren, and us. This morning son headed off to visit other relatives for the day and the rest of us went off for some exercise. We headed for the bike/pedestrian path along the river. Grandson (16) needed a “medium” run, which eventually translated to about 10k, so that set the tone. We set the time limit at about 45 minutes and off we went. Grandson is the fastest (he runs about 5 min. miles in races—not bad for someone who lives at over 7000 feet). He was followed by his sisters (14 and 10) and their mother at somewhere around the pace I was running 6 years ago (in the neighbor of 10 minutes/mile). I followed them at my new, slow pace (but again faster than I have been going for the 4th run in a row), and behind me were my wife and daughter’s partner who were walking. (For any of you who might be doing the calculations, I did not do 10k in 45 min. I didn’t need to go that far, so I did 6k. He did the 10k, but it didn’t take him 45 min.)

Didn’t see much of Grandson until he passed me on the way back, but I was able to see the others for much of the time. I think events like this are one of the reasons I keep doing this. It is such a joy to go out with the kids and grandkids and share in the experience even if we don’t all run together. So much better that staying at home and badgering them with stories about how I used to do that. My wife and I usually do our long weekend exercise together, and I feel the same way about that—even though I run and she walks and we don’t see each other along the route, I feel much better when we start and finish together than when I go by myself. The joy of shared experience.


Your thoughts?

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